WilksCo. Project Solutions for Landscape Architects.


WilksCo is a consultancy providing staff-level support and irrigation design services to landscape architecture firms. We produce planning graphics, construction documents and provide irrigation design services. Areas of expertise include AutoCAD®, RainCAD®, Irricalc®, Adobe Creative Suite® and Google SketchUp®. We provide your firm with an efficient staff, intelligent service and solid, timely products.

AutoCAD® Strength
AutoCAD® operation is a time tested WilksCo specialty. Our experience and expertise enable us to understand your project and your workflow in short order. We know how to efficiently integrate our services and provide immediate value to your production team.

Irrigation Design
Our irrigation design services will help you focus plant selection on water conservation and design of a state of the art irrigation system. We will propel your project from concept and design through permit requirements, drawing production and construction administration.

High Quality Graphics & Documents
We have solid background in landscape architecture and graphic communication. The work products that we deliver to you will be clear, effective representations of your design work. We will deliver the goods; be it a master plan graphic that transports your client into a new vision; or a cd's that pass through permit and get built without addenda.

A Cost Effective Extension of Your Office
As business ebbs and floods, keeping quality production work flowing from your firm can be a challenge. WilksCo is the solution to smoothing transitions through business cycles. We are there when you need us and we are off the books when you don't.

Expertise, Reliability & Experience
We have been delivering service and products to landscape architects for over 15 years. Our client relationships are not built on technical skills alone; dependability fosters our repeat business. Call us. We make deadlines. We keep your production line moving.